view of st martin fort louis

2015 in Review

My blog might not reflect it, but 2015 has been a crazy, intense, and wonderful year filled with new adventures, new challenges, and lots of travel. Thailand I’ve managed to end up in Thailand every year since Brent and I first visited in 2012. This time, my visit was part of a preview trip for the […]

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Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Alone on Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres represented a lot of “firsts” for me. It was my first big assignment for my new job, my first time traveling to Mexico, and my first time traveling to a romantic beach destination alone. I arrived in Mexico as I arrive in most new countries: Sweaty, hair matted from dozing against the headrest […]

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Why I’m Going Back to Milwaukee

Spend five minutes Googling Milwaukee and you’ll realize that every blogger and writer covering the city is trying to let readers in on the same secret: Milwaukee is amazing but not many people seem to realize it. I was fortunate enough to spend four days in Wisconsin’s capital for BlogHouse in June, and here are […]

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Koh Kradan, Trang, Thailand

New Job, New Home, and Where I’m Going in 2015

It’s no secret (if for no other reason than my infrequent posting over the last few months) that 2015 got off to a slow start for me. Brent and I were dealing with the fall-out from our house sit in Spain, our resulting abrupt return to Canada, and trying to figure out what was next. […]

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Where I’ve Been and What Really Happened During Our Housesit

I’ve wanted to write this story for three months now. It’s the reason I haven’t written anything on this blog since November. It blurred my thoughts and drained my creativity, so I waited – unable, or perhaps just unwilling, to write about anything else in the meantime. The story finally has a conclusion, which means […]

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freelance and work from anywhere

How to Freelance Online and Work Anywhere in the World

Transitioning to full-time freelancing has easily been the most challenging thing I’ve done since I first worked up the courage to leave Canada and travel long-term. Last week marked my one-year anniversary as a freelance writer. I was still teaching in Japan when I decided to start aggressively and consistently seeking out freelance projects. Teaching […]

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Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi

Sunday Snapshot: Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Today’s Sunday Snapshot comes from Andrea Affinati, a 23-year-old Italian girl living in Milan. She blogs at Green and Turquoise, mostly writing about places, people, culture and beauty around the world. Her main goal is to inspire people, push them to break free from their comfort zones, and experience some of the many wonders the world has to offer! […]

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travel solo to prove you can

Why You Need to Travel Solo (Even Though You Might Not Have To)

I don’t get to write about solo female travel very often. It isn’t really my niche. If you read my blog regularly or even skim my About page, you know that I travel with my partner, Brent, about 95% of the time. When I do travel alone, I find myself approaching each new solo trip […]

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