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Hello! I’m Jess. In September 2011, my boyfriend and I decided to quit our jobs, take our savings and buy one-way tickets to Paris  – 4 years later we’re still traveling.

I had only left North America once before beginning this trip, therefore I’m constantly learning how to travel as I go, sharing all my successes and flat-on-my-face moments here on this blog. Initially, we searched for work and volunteer opportunities wherever we traveled to keep our costs low, and now we earn our income online by freelance writing.

We’ve traveled a lot of different ways, but one aspect that has remained the same is our desire to travel slowly, staying in each country we visit for months at a time. This gives me the opportunity to discover the hidden gems and local secrets that I write about here.

My philosophy is that it’s pure insanity not to try everything, experience everything, and do exactly what we want with our lives. That’s why I want to share everything I’ve learned about having the best travel experiences possible, and help you shake off whatever doubts are holding you back.


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