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The Bustling Capital of Mauritius: Historic Port Louis

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The capital of the island nation of Mauritius, Port Louis, is the country’s cultural and economic center as well as the most popular of the island’s cities. Many visitors to Mauritius spend much of their trip in historic Port Louis, which has a variety of historical, cultural, and scenic attractions to offer! The following attractions should not be missed as you explore this exciting port city – a most remarkable destination.

Fort Adelaide

This famous citadel is a must-see attraction when exploring the capital city. Port Louis is delightful to explore from any direction, so when you set out from your hotel or resort, such as La Plantation d’Albion Mauritius for instance, you’ll have plenty to discover along the way. The fort was built by the British and offers splendid views. Be sure to bring your camera to capture some as you explore this citadel, which has often been compared to Moorish fortresses.

Place D’Arms

Travelers always make a point to see the historic city centre of Port Louis. Home to the Government House as well as this iconic historic square, this area of the city is a splendid place to spend the day. Bustling and resplendent, the square is filled with interesting sights; be sure to get a photograph of the solemn statue of Queen Victoria!

St. James Cathedral

Completed in 1850, this illustrious cathedral boasts a serene atmosphere. With its wooden interior and majestic steeple, this island cathedral is well worth a visit. Located on St. Denis Street, the cathedral is a lovely place to stroll and enjoy the architecture.

Municipal Theatre

Constructed in 1822, this historic theatre is said to be much like it was nearly two centuries ago! Built in the style of a London theatre, the Port Louis example boasts a lovely painted dome ceiling and is filled with gleaming chandeliers. With evening performances, going to see a show is a must for anyone visiting the city.

Central Market

This is a fun destination, filled with the sights and smells of fresh produce. There are plenty of stalls filled with souvenirs, clothing, and various handicrafts made by the locals. The market has been a central meeting place since the Victorian era and is always delightful to explore.

Domaine Les Pailles

Once a sugar plantation, the Domaine Les Pailles is today a theme park of sorts that is always a fun and particularly family-friendly excursion. Visitors to the park will find carriage rides along with a miniature railroad. A children’s playground, a sugar mill replica and various nearby restaurants make this a popular place to visit in Port Louis.

Caudan Waterfront

The Caudan Waterfront is known for its extraordinary nightlife and is considered by many to be the best in the country! With fabulous restaurants and clubs, it’s certainly a popular area. During the day, there’s plenty of shopping venues as well as the scenic beauty of the sea.

Port Louis is a delightful holiday destination and these are some of its most popular attractions. You may also wish to add attractions like the Champ du Mars Racecourse, the Rajiv Gandhi Science Center, and the Natural History Museum to your travel itinerary which also attract many visitors.



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