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Sunday Snapshot: Cemoro Lawang, Indonesia

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Sunday Snapshot: Cemoro Lawang, Indonesia

Today’s Sunday Snapshot comes from Dan and Casey, the two lovebirds documenting their travel musings at A Cruising Couple. They’re currently writing, photographing and drinking wine from their home base in Taiwan, but all that will change in early August when they set out for life on the road…indefinitely! First on their itinerary is Vietnam and Cambodia, but after that, who knows! Be sure to stay updated on all their adventures by connecting on facebook and twitter! P.S. They have a free e-book coming out in August called 101 Tips to Living in Taiwan. Don’t miss it!

Cemoro Lawang indonesia village

 “You win some and you lose some. No matter how much time we invest to perfectly plan every aspect of our travels, there are moments when utter disappointment creeps in. We had just experienced one of those moments after finishing a less-than-epic hiking trip to Mt. Bromo, Java, to view the renowned sunrise and enormous crater of the active volcano—something rumored to be a ‘must see’ when on the island. Unfortunately, we rolled out of bed at 4am to hike through mist and fog so dense we could barely make out the volcano itself when standing on its slopes. You can probably guess from the lack of volcanoes in this picture that we didn’t get any legendary views that morning. Despite the let down, being awake at the crack of dawn (literally) afforded us an opportunity to glimpse the village life that occurs while we’re normally still dreaming away. This photo was taken at the small town of Cemoro Lawang, a gateway for tourists visiting Mt. Bromo. We know nothing about the woman or where she is going, but it looks like she has a busy day ahead. We particularly love the photo because it reminds us to stay open to new possibilities and the small details of travel that make it so special—even when things are going a bit less than ideal.”

 Have you ever had a travel set back turn into a new opportunity?

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  1. TammyOnTheMove June 24, 2013

    What a great shot. It is funny how mishaps can sometimes turn into great experiences. A friend of mine recently visited me in Cambodia, but the weather was shocking that we decided to hang around in the nearest restaurants for a bit. It turned out they offered cooking classes, so our afternoon was taken care off and we didn't have to go back to the horrible rain. We had so much fun and would have never known about the class otherwise.
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    • waysofwanderers June 26, 2013

      That's awesome, Tammy! Sometimes it's really nice when plans get disrupted because it makes room for interesting, spontaneous things to happen.

  2. Casey June 24, 2013

    Thanks Tammy! Love that story. Sounds like a much better alternative than being out in the rain. We took a cooking class in Bali at had an awesome time! We'll be visiting Cambodia in September. We'll have to pick your brain for some tips! 🙂 Will you still be around?
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