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Sunday Snapshot: Cinque Terre

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Sunday Snapshot: Cinque Terre

Today’s Sunday Snapshot comes from Davide of Nomad Travellers. After quitting his job as an architect three years ago, he started his solo travel around the world, until he met his better half Otilia while rock climbing in Hungary, and they started a whole new adventure traveling together. Davide just finished an incredible trip hitchhiking for 34 000 km (21 000 miles) in 23 countries that he documented with amazing photos and stories in their website. Follow their adventures at NomadTravellers.com  and connect on facebook and twitter!

cinque terre riomaggiore italy
“For me and Oti, Cinque Terre was no doubt the best destination of 2012! Being there in April, we were able to enjoy our experience and to feel the spirit of the place, away from the big crowds of summer tourists. Even though the 5 villages are beautiful and worth a visit, hiking in Cinque Terre is the way to go, to experience nature, vineyards and cliffs! This photo is an interesting shot from Riomaggiore, the starting point of the famous “Via dell’Amore” (Street of Love), which is a 3 km stroll on the edge of the cliffs ending in Manarola. It’s a traditional walk for couples and the best place to see the sunset!”

Have you visited Cinque Terre?

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    • waysofwanderers July 9, 2013

      Lucky! We didn't make it when we were in Italy – just one more reason to go back someday! It looks incredible.

  1. @nycstylecannoli July 13, 2013

    I am a new follower to your site and looking forward to your posts!!

  2. Ginger Carney August 9, 2013

    This is a stunning photo. I would love to learn the geology of how and why the lines in the cliffs are formed. Fascinating!
    My recent post The Elusive Peace of Mirror Lake

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