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Sunday Snapshot: Dopiansa Temple

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Today’s Sunday Snapshot comes from former librarian and current wanderer Claire Eichman, who packed up her life in early 2014 and set off to work and travel the world. She has spent time in Thailand, Australia, Mexico, China and Europe, and is currently teaching in rural Korea. She documents her experiences on her blog, Vegetating Earth

Dopiansa Temple (도피안사) Cheorwon, South Korea

Dopiansa Temple (도피안사) rests on a hill about a mile outside of my town in Cheorwon, South Korea. It is about five miles from the Demilitarized Zone, the area along the border between North and South Korea. You would never know tensions exist such a short distance away. Built over a thousand years ago, it is a peaceful place nestled quietly in the countryside. As you walk around, you see only monks and can hear distant chanting and bells. Legend has it that a monk founded the temple after a giant iron Buddha being transported through the area mysteriously disappeared and was found seated at the current site. “


Have you visited any areas near the Demilitarized Zone? What was the atmosphere like?

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