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Capture the Colour 2013

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Capture the Colour 2013

The lovely Julika from Sateless Suitcase recently tagged me in Travel Supermarket’s Capture the Colour Contest 2013, which challenges bloggers to feature 5 photos that best capture the colours of red, green, yellow, blue and white. The cool prizes are motivation enough to participate, but this competition also happily falls on my traveling anniversary. Today marks 2 years since Brent and I first left Canada, so I couldn’t imagine a more fitting time to revisit my old photos, and relive some of the awesome experiences that we’ve had in Europe and Asia.


capture the colour blue: blue lake, biei, hokkaido

Biei, Japan: The colour of Aoiike (Blue Pond) in Hokkaido is believed to be caused by the light-reflecting properties of the water’s aluminum hydroxide content. Despite the explanations, there’s a sense of mystery surrounding the unreal turquoise colour of the water, which shifts and changes depending on the angle from which you look at it. There are birch trees growing all around, and even within, the lake and I loved the appearance of the white and brown tree bark against the bright blue water.


capture the colour 2013 green: capel curig, wales

Capel Curig, Wales: I don’t think I’ve gushed extensively enough about my love affair with North Wales. It’s one of the wettest places in Britain, and all of that water creates a vibrantly green and alive environment. It was only a short walk from town into the mountains, and into a feeling of being completely lost in beautiful, untamed wilderness.


capture the colour yellow: vatican museum maps room, Italy

The Vatican Museum, Italy: I felt a little bit guilty when we visited the Vatican Museum. Actually, I often feel this way in big museums. They’re always full of fascinating pieces, and I only have a few hours to explore, knowing that I can’t possibly give every element the attention it deserves. The ceiling in the Maps Gallery was worth making a little extra time to admire.


capture the colour 2013 white: ostuni, Italy

Ostuni, Italy: Ostuni is known as La Citta Bianca, or the white town. Being surrounded by almost entirely white architecture made me feel like I was walking in a different world. We visited during the off-season, when the cobblestone streets were virtually deserted, creating a sense that we had this unusual city all to ourselves.


capture the colour 2013 red: nara, japan

Nara, Japan: One of my favourite things about living in Japan is that there seems to be a festival somewhere every single day. I was visiting Tōdai-ji temple in Nara, when I caught this unexpected festival procession. No matter how many festivals I see, I’m still enchanted by the display of traditional clothing, music and ornate portable shrines.

Now, I’ll pass the coloured-torch forward to 5 of my favourite bloggers: Tammy from Tammy and Chris on the Move, Dan and Vanessa from Sauteed Happy Family, Alex from Memographer, James from The Hairy Chef, and Katie and Geoff from Wandertooth


Lastly, I just want to express an enormous thanks to everyone who has read this blog over the past 2 years. I’m so grateful to have a place to develop my writing, but I’m even more grateful for every single reader who follows along on this journey with me. Thank you!



  1. SauteedHappyFam September 5, 2013

    Thanks for tagging me! Your green picture makes me want to go back to the UK. If the stereotype is rolling, green hills, I'd say that's pretty accurate! 😀
    My recent post Cultural Differences Aren't What They Seem

    • waysofwanderers September 5, 2013

      No problem! And yeah, the rolling green hills pretty much sum up most of rural UK – I love it, though – it's really charming.

  2. @TammyOnTheMove September 5, 2013

    Thanks for nominating me. 🙂 I loove your photos, but I think my favourite is your blue one. So stunning!

    • waysofwanderers September 5, 2013

      I think it's my favourite too. The lake is definitely unique looking.

    • waysofwanderers September 5, 2013

      From most angles, we could see a perfect reflection of the sky in the lake – it was crazy cool!

    • waysofwanderers September 6, 2013

      Of course! I'm a huge fan of your photos, so I'm looking forward to your post!

  3. solowayfarer September 7, 2013

    These photos are great! I especially liked "blue" (helps that it's also my favourite colour). I live in London but have never visited Wales (apart from Cardiff) – sounds like I need to read some of your past posts on Northern Wales! 😉
    My recent post Top 10 Reasons to Visit Malaysia (Truly Asia)

  4. tangobabe1 September 8, 2013

    What a nice post and love the pics you have chosen. So you have lived in Japan? Wow! I hope to be able to visit Japan soon; never have so far. And me too I loooove processions. Fortunately I run into them regularly, either in Singapore (where I live half of the year), India or wherever.

  5. Colleen Brynn September 9, 2013

    Awesome photos! That green is spectacular… I just love the description!
    My recent post CTC 2013

  6. Jennifer September 11, 2013

    Great choices! The gallery of maps is one of my very favorite parts of the Vatican Museum.

    • waysofwanderers September 22, 2013

      Likewise! Perhaps our paths will cross again in our travels someday :).

  7. Jovany February 18, 2016

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