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Review:  At Home Sukhothai

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Review:  At Home Sukhothai

I knew right away that At Home Sukhothai would be a perfect fit for us. If you’ve read my previous guesthouse reviews, you already know that I tend to seek out unique accommodation that connects to the community in some way or exudes local culture. At Home Sukhothai more than met my usual criteria, from the setting in a traditional 50-year-old wooden home to the unassuming Thai neighbourhood that surrounds it.

At Home Sukhothai exterior

My stay in this guesthouse ended up being quite different than I initially expected, because the night we arrived from Chiang Mai I got sick – really sick. I’d never had food poisoning before in Thailand (or anywhere, for that matter), but this just might have been my first experience with it. Whether the plate of khao kha moo I ate before getting on the bus to Sukhothai was actually to blame, I’ll never know.

As a result of being sick, I spent far more time in our guestroom than I’m sure any average guest does. So when I say it’s a beautiful room, you can know that I wasn’t just in and out; I literally lived in here for 24 hours.

At Home Sukhothai room

At Home Sukhothai has 11 rooms and four bungalows. Brent and I stayed in one of the 11 guestrooms set in the renovated family home, which came with an en-suite shower and air-conditioning. The bedroom was extremely spacious and the dark wood walls were decorated with colourful photos of the nearby attractions.

At Home Sukhothai bathroom

The bathroom was the typical “wet shower” that you’ll see at many guesthouses in Thailand, but it was clean and well-maintained.

I spent my entire first day in Sukhothai curled up in bed, catching up on freelance work while I recovered enough energy to bike around Sukhothai Historical Park the following day. The bed was very comfortable and the Wi-Fi was strong.

At Home Sukhothai guestroom

The slight downside with this kind of traditional accommodation is that these old wooden Thai homes weren’t built to be soundproof. I occasionally heard other guests moving around in nearby rooms, but it was never loud enough to bother me. Plus, personally, I don’t mind a bit of quiet, ambient noise in the evening. When I heard other guest murmuring, it kind of reminded me of being a kid and listening to my parents talking downstairs after I went to bed at night. In a way, it added to the intimacy of the guesthouse and unless you’re an extremely light sleeper, I don’t think it’s a problem.

At Home Sukhothai restaurant

Brent and I also spent a fair amount of time working downstairs at the guesthouse restaurant. This open-air space was furnished with simple wooden chairs, plenty of plants, and an interesting collection of books. We were also served breakfast each morning in this area, although, to be honest, I wasn’t up for eating much of anything during our stay.

Unfortunately, the owner was away for the four days we spent at the guesthouse, but the staff we did meet were very accommodating. Although they didn’t actively offer suggestions on what to do and see in the area, they were helpful and knowledgeable when we approached them with questions.

At Home Sukhothai location

When I started to feel better, I also really enjoyed exploring the neighborhood around the guesthouse. Located in New Sukhothai, the guesthouse is a short walk away from the local night market, as well as the spot where you can catch the songthaew to Sukhothai Historical Park. As I walked around, I just saw locals going about their daily lives rather than other tourists. The area actually reminded me a lot of Ban Pong, the city where Brent and I used to teach English. It’s a glimpse of what real Thailand looks like when it’s not putting on a show for visitors, and the kind of place I think every traveler in Thailand should see at some point.

Overall, I would definitely recommend At Home Sukhothai as a base for exploring  Sukhothai Historical Park. It’s an affordable and charming guesthouse offering traditional accommodation in a very genuine neighbourhood.


Disclosure:  At Home Sukhothai hosted Brent and me for 4 nights in exchange for a review. I strive to provide honest reviews, and only recommend places and products that I really believe you would enjoy as much as I did.

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