Sunday Snapshot: Štrbské Pleso Tarn

Today’s Sunday Snapshot comes from Peter Korchnak, a writer hailing from Slovakia, living in the U.S., and since June 2013 traveling the world with his wife Lindsay. For at least one year, home is where their toothbrushes are (currently in Amsterdam, the Netherlands). On their joint travel blog, Where Is Your Tootbrush?  , they write about the places they visit and about ways to make a home anywhere in the world. Check out their blog or follow them on Facebook – they’d love to hear from you.


 Štrbské Pleso tarn, glacier lake, Slovakia, Tatra Mountains

“This is Štrbské Pleso Tarn (Glacier Lake) in Slovakia’s High Tatra Mountains. The photo is from August 2013 when my wife Lindsay and I visited the range for the second time in as many months. While the first time we trekked for five days from one alpine chalet to another, this time we stayed in a mountain hotel near the tarn and ventured out on day hikes. The Štrbské Pleso Tarn is the biggest and most visited tarn in the High Tatras; the area is also a popular winter sports destination. In the summer, the hiking loop circling the tarn offers an easy hour-long stroll with spectacular views of the Tatras above and Slovakia’s valleys below.”

Have you been to Slovakia? Where are some of your favourite lakes around the world?


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  1. agnesstramp December 8, 2013 at 9:04 pm #

    Wow, it looks so charming and lovely <3.
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  2. Martin December 17, 2014 at 6:06 pm #

    Hello, nice post. Strebske pleso is nice lake with spectacular views. Try more Tatras photos with my favorite tarn – Biele pleso. For inspiration:….

    Martin, Slovakia

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