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Sunday Snapshot: Queen’s Day in Alkmaar

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Queen's Day in Alkmaar
The Queen’s Day celebrations in Holland each year include a massive street party, where locals and tourists alike don their neon-orange finest, and enjoy the outdoor markets, buskers, as well as more than a few Heineken. We celebrated last Queen’s Day in Alkmaar. I was trying to get a shot that properly conveyed the charm of Alkmaar’s canals and architecture, but you can also see the crowds practically bursting over the side of the bridge.

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    • waysofwanderers May 29, 2013

      Haha, yeah I can understand that. It seemed like it was basically just a big, drunken street festival. It was fun, but if you don't like drinking heavily in a crowd, it probably wouldn't be all that enjoyable.

  1. Zenilda February 18, 2016

    Joy – Aw This is so sweet. I also have a little boy named Emmett. He’s as sielmy as this one too! Must be something about the sweet name! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous and bubbly photos! you have talent!

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