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“Why I Travel”: Beatrice from Eille la cheap!

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“Why I Travel” is a new segment in which I ask other travelers to share the reasons behind their passion for travel. It might be an anecdote about an experience on the road, or the story of when he/she first fell in love with travel – anything that captures the “why” of their wanderlust.

Today’s post comes from Beatrice Bernard-Poulin who is a journalist by trade, but prefers the informal world of blogging and online marketing. After a few years working for a professional sports’ team in her hometown of Montreal, she has decided to follow her dream of being independent and working from the road. She blogs about living a dream life, on the cheap, at Eille la cheap!

I think I’ve always loved traveling.

Before I was born, my parents traveled the world, so it’s probably in my blood. In my DNA. I don’t think I was 1 yet when I took a plane for the first time, to go spend a few weeks in Florida. Spending a few weeks there, every summer, became tradition.

Then came the bigger trips. Switzerland, Italy, Greece, then Thailand. All before I was 16. And it seems that something just clicked – it felt right.

Going to foreign places became essential. Learning about new cultures, a way of life.

Budget issues made it hard to go very far for a few years, but when I graduated University, I rewarded myself with a 2 month backpacking trip to Australia. First solo trip, first backpacking trip, first time going to the other side of the world. And yet I knew it was the right thing to do. It not only felt right – it felt like what I was supposed to do.What I was born to do.

There’s something about a solo backpacking journey that can change your perspective on things. That’s what makes travelling so special – you get to experience things you never thought you’d experience. You get to see things you otherwise never would have seen. You get to do things you never would have had the courage to do otherwise.

Now I can’t bear the thought of spending 6 months at home without at least a small trip. I think I’ve learned more about myself travelling than I have otherwise. I need it to manage the stress of everyday life, to be happy.

And when the biggest tragedy that could have happened, happened, and I lost my baby brother when he was just 18, I had to figure out what life meant. As cliché as it seems, it became evident that traveling was what brought me the most joy, the biggest rewards. I now know that life could end at any moment, without any warning, so I fully plan on living my life to the fullest.

It’s about finding the answer to the question “what makes you happy?” Whatever it is, you have to do it now. You never know what tomorrow could bring. Traveling makes me happy. I can sleep in a dorm with 20 people, eat ramen noodles for a month, wear the same dirty clothes for a week – it doesn’t matter.

I feel most alive on the road.

That’s why I travel.

Are you interested in sharing a “Why I Travel” story? I’m looking for submissions! Get in touch!


    • waysofwanderers November 28, 2012

      I'm totally the same! Somehow I feel more at home when I'm not at home.

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